Staying connected is important, however, sometimes it is easier said than done. In order to make this more affordable for New Jersey residents, NJ SHARES works in partnership with Verizon New Jersey to provide enrollment assistance for the Lifeline Program.

Serving as a liaison between Verizon and their customers, NJ SHARES offers guidance, provides information, answers questions, and assists in the application process for this program. 




Telecommunication Assistance

Verizon NJ Lifeline Program

A federal program offering discounts to qualified low-income and categorically eligible customers to make residential telephone service and broadband (internet) more affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Lifeline discount?

The landline voice discount is up to $24.93. The broadband (internet) discount is $9.25.

Can the Lifeline discount be used for a cell phone?

Verizon NJ does not offer this discount on their wireless service through this program.

Can the Lifeline discount be applied on a business account?

No, it is for residential customers only.

Who approves or denies the completed application?

USAC approves or denies all applications.

How soon will the customer see the discount?

The discount will appear in 1-2 billing cycles after notifying Verizon of the approved application from USAC.

How will a customer know they are getting the discount?

It will appear on the phone bill listed as USA Lifeline Plan offering a credit (CR) to the account.

Can the customer have a Verizon calling package or bundle on their account?

A package or bundle cannot be on the account in order to receive the voice discount. The broadband (internet) discount can be received if the customer has FiOS internet service along with a package or bundle on the account.

If a customer has FiOS, are they eligible?

If the customer is subscribed to the traditional voice line only and not digital voice (FiOS VoIP) and do not have a package or bundle on the account then they are eligible to get the Lifeline voice (telephone) discount. If the customer is subscribed to FiOS internet (NOT DSL or High Speed) then they are eligible to get the Lifeline broadband (internet) discount.

Why is Verizon making the customers on Lifeline recertify?

Verizon NJ is following Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines. The FCC is a government agency and requires Verizon to recertify all customers who are on the Lifeline program each year. This helps to ensure the discount is going to those who truly need it.

The recertification form came in the deceased spouse’s name, can the customer recertify?

No, the surviving spouse will have to call Verizon NJ to have the account changed to their name. Once the name is changed, the surviving spouse can contact NJ SHARES to receive a new Lifeline application to complete in his/her name.

The customer’s phone bill goes to someone else’s name and address that helps them with their bills. Is that acceptable?

Yes, as long as the service address matches the home (physical) address on the Lifeline application. There is an area for the billing (mailing) address to be filled in on the application if it is different from the service or home (physical) address.

Can more than one name be on the phone bill?

It is preferred that one name appear on the bill. If someone has Power of Attorney for the customer, their name can be added to the bill. A copy of the Power of Attorney must be sent with application.

Why can’t NJ SHARES change the name or address for Verizon customers?

NJ SHARES does NOT have access to the Verizon NJ database and cannot access client information. Verizon NJ must be contact directly in order to make these changes.

The customer has been on a qualifying State/Federal program for months. Could they have been saving all along? Can they receive a credit for the time they could have been on the program?

The credit begins on the date you contact Verizon with the approval from USAC. There is not retro-active credit for past bills.


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