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My husband was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and when his health started to worsen the medical bills started piling high. Now doctor bills and prescription medicines consume more than half of our fixed income. He is in a wheelchair now and we keep him warm with an electric blanket that my daughter bought him for Christmas. I tried to balance staggering bill payments from month-to-month but eventually I couldn’t catch up. I felt overwhelmed with my utility bills. I was so relieved and grateful NJ SHARES was able to help us.
Lois, a grateful recipient from Hamilton Square

When you reach out for help, one of the greatest feelings is knowing that someone is going to reach back. NJ SHARES is a wonderful advocate for working people in crisis, and I'm so grateful they were there for me and my daughter.
E.T., Hamilton Township
NJ SHARES helps clients who are in serious danger with their utility bills. 31% of the 2017 grant recipients had their shutoff date passed when they applied for assistance. 8% had their utility service terminated when they applied.
APPRISE Impact Evaluation 2017

I couldn't imagine what more I could sacrifice to pay my energy bill. I thought I'd have to go without food again. I'm employed but my income is not enough to cover the basics. I was happy to find out there was help for me.
S.B., Newark
Most of NJ SHARES recipients were the working poor. 83% of NJ SHARES' recipients had employment income. 59% of NJ SHARES' recipients had income between 200% and 300% of the Federal Poverty Level.
APPRISE Impact Evaluation 2017

At the agency where I work, it's my job to help needy people. I couldn't believe there was help for working people too. NJ SHARES assisted my family through one of the most difficult crises of our lives, and for that I am truly grateful.
M.V., Lawrence Township

The economic downturn hit my family hard. My husband owns a trucking company, so when the economy took a turn for the worse, he was getting less and less work. At the same time, his expenses were going up due to the high price of gasoline. I have a job, but my income was not enough to catch up on our bills.  We were worried that we would sink farther and farther into debt.  When NJ SHARES helped us pay our energy bill, we were so, so relieved. Thank you NJ SHARES!

C.R., Hamilton, NJ
NJ SHARES recipients were likely to have vulnerable household members. 47% had a child 18 or younger in the home and 45% had a household member over 50 years old.
APPRISE Impact Evaluation 2017

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