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NJ SHARES Receives $1.6 Million

Ewing, NJ — October 24, 2003 — New Jersey Statewide Heating and Referral for Energy Services or NJ SHARES is in receipt of $1.6 million dollars to use to assist individuals and families in a temporary financial crisis pay their natural gas and electric bills this heating season.

The $1.6 million dollars is part of the Unclaimed Utility Deposit Trust Fund which was created by the legislature in September of 2000. The legislation designated NJ SHARES, New Jersey's only statewide energy fund, to provide temporary financial assistance to residential customers having short-term difficulties paying their energy bills. "We are very grateful to Governor Jim McGreevey and Treasurer John McCormac for releasing these funds to us at a very critical time, said Jim Jacob, executive director for NJ SHARES. "Our funds have been nearly depleted since August and we have been operating solely on donations from generous people in our communities. Low funds, at a time when people are still struggling to pay their energy bills from last year's colder than normal heating season coupled with the rising electric and natural gas rates has made a frightening combination for those folks who need our help. The release of these state funds by the administration and the support we receive from the communities that we serve will allow NJ SHARES to assist households in crisis throughout the state."

People experiencing a temporary financial emergency, who do not qualify for other types of assistance, such as LIHEAP or TANF, may apply for NJ SHARES at one of their 50 participating community based organizations. Please call 1-866-NJSHARE for more information or visit

New Jersey SHARES is a statewide, nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization which provides grants to pay the utility bills of households in need through a statewide network of 50 community-based social service agencies. Its Board of Directors includes representatives of New Jersey's seven electric and gas utilities: Verizon; nonprofit groups including The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, AARP, Association for Children of New Jersey, Community Health Law Project and New Jersey Community Action Association; and several at-large members. New Jersey SHARES, "Neighbors Helping Neighbors."

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