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New Jersey SHARES Wraps Up Its "Winter 2001" Campaign After Giving $15 Million In Aid To Nearly 50,000 Households

Hackettstown, NJ — June 5, 2002 — New Jersey SHARES (Statewide Heating Assistance and Referral for Energy Services) announced today that it is formally wrapping up its year-long "Winter 2001" campaign after providing grants totaling approximately $15 million to help pay the winter heating bills of 49,244 New Jersey households.

Funding for the campaign came from legislation approved in February 2001 that allocated $15 million to New Jersey SHARES from windfall state sales tax revenues generated by that winter's unusually high wholesale natural gas prices. The law directed New Jersey SHARES to distribute the money to needy individuals and families who sustained financial hardships as a result of higher energy bills. By law, the entire $15 million fund had to be distributed by June 30, 2002.

Lawrence P. Savitsky, executive director of New Jersey SHARES, said the speed with which the funds were distributed is a clear indication of how much they were needed. "There are hundreds of thousands of families in New Jersey who face a daily struggle in making ends meet," he said. "These include the elderly, the unemployed, the sick, the working poor and others who have experienced financial difficulties because of circumstances beyond their control. Thanks to these grants from New Jersey SHARES, we were able to keep the lights on and the radiators warm in nearly 50,000 of these homes."

Savitsky explained that the guidelines approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities for the distribution of these funds allowed New Jersey SHARES to provide grants of up to $1,000 - up to $750 for gas and up to $250 for electricity - to needy customers. Eligibility criteria were also expanded for this campaign to include customers receiving public assistance. Now that the "Winter 2001" fund has been exhausted, New Jersey SHARES will revert to its original grant limits of $500 per household - up to $250 each for gas and electricity - and limit eligibility to those individuals and families that do not receive assistance from other programs.

"On behalf of the nearly 50,000 households that were helped, New Jersey SHARES wants to thank the State Legislature, the Governor's Office and the Board of Public Utilities for making these funds available," Savitsky concluded.

New Jersey SHARES is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which provides grants through a statewide network of 49 community-based social service agencies. Its Board of Directors includes representatives of New Jersey's seven electric and gas utilities, Verizon, and non-profit groups including The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, AARP, Association for Children of NJ, Community Health Law Project and NJ Community Action Association.

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