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What's New

NJ SHARES Advances Funding Efforts

NJ SHARES has made significant progress toward advancing its funding for the remainder of 2009. First, funding from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region – distributed by the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) – is set to continue for the remaining quarters of 2009. In addition, the current New Jersey state fiscal year budget now contains a $5 million line item designated to NJ SHARES.

Each quarter, the BPU holds auctions to allocate RGGI funds. Although the exact numbers are unknown because it is subject to auction, NJ SHARES anticipates each of the remaining quarterly awards for 2009 to be in the range of $2.8 million. The first two auctions generated $5.8 million. NJ SHARES will use RGGI funding to provide assistance for New Jersey residents in the midst of an electric bill payment crisis. The $5 million in the state budget will help NJ SHARES providing payment assistance for all fuel types.

NJ SHARES is thrilled to receive these two significant sources of funding, and would like to thank the Governor, the BPU and state legislators for their ongoing support of households in crisis that often have no other means of assistance.

NJ SHARES Spreads the Word About Energy Efficiency

Thanks to RGGI funding and the Board of Public Utilities, NJ SHARES is now working to spread the word about energy efficiency to help fixed, low and moderate-income New Jersey residents conserve energy, reduce their energy bills and ease their financial burdens.

NJ SHARES will be referring recipients of RGGI electric bill assistance grants to New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program for low or no-cost energy efficiency audits, as well as weatherization grants to improve the comfort and efficiency of their homes. Benefit level varies by income.The BPU administers the Clean Energy Program, and the work is completed by state contractors or utility partners.

NJ SHARES Receives $100,000 Donation from New Jersey Natural Gas

Earlier this month, New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) informed NJ SHARES that it will be providing a supplemental contribution of $100,000 for 2009. The funding, which is in addition to NJNG’s annual contribution to NJ SHARES, will help more families afford critical lifeline services.

Funds will be available immediately. The grant will make a true difference for limited income households that are facing difficult choices whether to feed their families or pay their energy bills.

NJ SHARES would like to thank the leadership of NJ Natural Gas, as well as its investors, employees and customers, for their long-standing partnership and continued support of NJ SHARES and its programs.

PNC Foundation Grants $10,000 to NJ SHARES

NJ SHARES is delighted to report that the PNC Foundation has donated $10,000 to assist us in our efforts to provide energy conservation assistance to limited income households throughout the state. The will funding go toward the purchase of energy conservation kits to help households reduce their energy bills.

NJ SHARES participates in nearly 100 outreach events annually to reach the state’s limited income population and make them aware of conservation resources available to them. The PNC-funded energy conservation kits will help families and individuals learn about new ways, and funding opportunities, to weatherize their homes to reduce their energy bills.

This is the PNC Foundation’s fourth major grant to NJ SHARES, and part of the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to enrich the lives of people in the communities it serves. NJ SHARES is grateful for the Foundation’s continuing support.

The Center For Non-Profits

NJ SHARES’ Barbara Gomes to Join Center for Non-Profit’s Board of Directors

This month, the Center for Non-Profits appointed Barbara Gomes, NJ SHARES’ Director of Outreach and Communications, to serve on its Board. The Center for Non-Profits serves non-profit organizations throughout the state through public policy, education, legal and management assistance.

NJ SHARES is delighted to be strengthening its link with the Center. The Center’s next conference is set for Dec. 9 in Jamesburg, NJ, at the Crowne Plaza Monroe.

Executive Letter

In these times of turmoil, when many New Jersey residents are struggling to not only pay their bills, but also stay in their homes, NJ SHARES is heartened by the incredible support it has received from government, private corporations and its agency partners.

As of this writing, the Governor has now allocated a total of $15 million in 2009 to help residents in the midst of an energy bill payment crisis. At the same time, the Board of Public Utilities has been an invaluable supporter by allocating substantial assistance through the RGGI program. And NJ SHARES has also been extremely fortunate to receive generous support from New Jersey Natural Gas and the PNC Foundation.

The financial burden on fixed, moderate and low income families in our state can cause an economic spiral that is difficult to survive. Many folks who have never asked for help before need help now. The cooperation between government, regulators and corporations has created a mosaic of support that sends the message to our community that we are here to assist vulnerable families and individuals get back on their feet.

As always, NJ SHARES could not provide the help we do without our agency partner network. Your energy, enthusiasm and hard work make it possible to reach the thousands of households around the state who need our help.

This year, NJ SHARES has provided assistance to more than 16,000 households to keep their lights on, stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Thanks to everyone who has worked together to make a real difference during this trying year.


Jim Jacob

AARP Offers a Discounted Membership Fee For New And Renewing Members

AARP membership fuels positive social change in New Jersey. Many programs have been enhanced by the support of AARP’s 1.4 Million members. Programs like the Senior Property Tax Freeze, Long Term Care initiatives, NJ FAMILY CARE, Prescription Drug Retail Registry, Telemarketing privacy, Verizon Communication Lifeline and of course, NJ SHARES.

For more information on joining AARP call 1-800-828-4129 and you’ll receive a discount on your membership whether you are renewing your membership or joining AARP.


Agency Interactive Dialogue Meeting

We have now completed two out of four NJ SHARES Agency Interactive Dialogue meetings to be held this year. The meetings are designed to give representatives from each of our 250 agency partners an opportunity to get together to learn more about NJ SHARES’ processes, application procedures and programmatic changes, as well as share best practices.

The two meetings left this year include one on August 7th in Mays Landing and one on August 28th in Jersey City. Agencies should look for a reminder email with further details on times, dates and locations. Questions can be emailed to

Pictured bottom: Kristin Couch and Dena Passero, NJ SHARES Outreach Team; Top: Maria Roman NJS Outreach and Anne-Marie Peracchio (NJNG)

NJ SHARES Holds Successful Night at the Blueclaws

NJ SHARES held another successful "NJ SHARES Night" at the Lakewood Blueclaws. The baseball game against the Lexington Legends drew 8,000 people on July 17, and was an excellent opportunity for NJ SHARES to raise awareness about its energy assistance programs. Thanks to New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) for sponsoring the event – and to Craig Lynch, NJNG’s Vice President, for throwing out the first pitch!

Fans were treated to giveaways on energy assistance and conservation, as well as to the opportunity to win conservation kits donated by NJNG. The evening was topped off with a spectacular fireworks display and a tribute to Michael Jackson. Thanks to our agencies, friends and corporate partners for coming out and supporting NJ SHARES.

Agency Toolbox

Attention Agencies:

System enhancements are scheduled to go live on August 10, 2009. There will not be an interruption to using the system. It is important for you to review the updated Energy Packet and Useful Tools section of the system This section will be updated by Monday, August 3, 2009.

Agency Administrators will receive the updated documents by mail and all users in the system will receive a notice with attachments prior to August 10, 2009. All questions can be directed to

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