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president's message

Jim Jacob, President & CEO

The warmer weather of July and August are good reminders of the importance of water conservation. Preserving our natural resources, including water, will help to make them more affordable for everyone.

Following some simple water conservation tips can make a huge impact. We encourage folks to take shorter showers, address leaks inside and outside of the house, and make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are full before running them as ways to conserve. Additional tips from the EPA on how to best conserve can be found here:

Our goal at NJ SHARES is to always “Offer Hope and Deliver Help” to households in need. In this regard, we partner with two of our water utilities – United Water and New Jersey American Water –  to help administer two unique water assistance programs for those in need:

United Water CARES
We celebrate that 10 years ago, United Water and NJ SHARES partnered to create a water assistance program called United Water CARES (UW CARES)! UW CARES provides relief to people facing a temporary financial crisis by administering grants to help pay the water bills of households in need through a network of community-based social service agencies in United Water’s service territories.

UW CARES is supported by United Water and administered by New Jersey SHARES. For information on applying for assistance please call 1-888-942-8080. For general information about the program, visit: For an online application and detailed eligibility requirements, click here.

NJAW – H2O to Help Others Program™ & LIPP
New Jersey American Water offers two assistance programs to help New Jersey households afford their water bills.

H2O Help to Others Program™ provides grants up to $500 for eligible customers to help pay their water bill. The grant is applied directly to a customer account.

The Low Income Payment Program (LIPP) takes the H20 Help to Others Program™ one step further by providing aid to NJAW’s most economically challenged customers with a reduced rate. This aid can be equivalent to as much as 20% of a customer’s monthly bill, depending on eligibility.

NJ SHARES administers the application process for these two NJAW customer programs. For more information about both of the programs offered by NJAW, click here.

Best regards,

Jim Jacob


Stay Cool and Safe in the Summer Heat

THE NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION had issued Heat Advisories and Air quality alerts for much of the state over the later part of this month. These messages mean that environmental conditions can be unhealthy for sensitive groups such as children, seniors and folks who suffer from asthma, heart and lung disease etc. The effects can be minimized by staying cool and avoiding strenuous activity or exercise outdoors.

Please check on your neighbors, especially the elderly and people with disabilities in your community who may need assistance keeping cool. If you can help NJ SHARES to help others, please donate today. Additionally, know where open air-conditioned senior centers or cooling stations are available. Click here to find a cooling station near you.

Tips to stay cool and safe in the summer heat:

  • Stay indoors in air conditioning as much as possible.
  • If you do go outside, stay in the shade.
  • If your home is not air-conditioned, spend at least two hours daily at an air-conditioned mall, library or other public place.
  • Wear sunscreen outside along with loose-fitting, light-colored clothes that cover as much skin as possible.
  • Drink water regularly even if you are not thirsty. Limit alcohol and sugary drinks which speeds dehydration.
  • Never leave children or pets alone in the car.
  • Avoid exertion during the hottest part of the day.
  • Take a cool shower or bath.
  • Make sure to leave plenty of water for your pets.
  • For more tips, click here.


Help Us Help Others Avoid the Dangers of Heat

NJ SHARES needs YOUR help – In the midst of summer, it is hard to believe that many of our neighbors are still struggling with heating bill debt. But YOU have the power to make a difference and help a struggling household in need. Find out how you can help, and learn how to become a Neighborhood Hero here. If you can help us help others, please donate today.

What's New

Youth Summit Brings Teenage Empowerment to Critical Issues

The Jewish Renaissance Foundation (JRF) hosted a two-week Anti-Poverty Youth Summit to civically engage the youth of Perth Amboy.  NJ SHARES President and CEO Jim Jacob and other Anti-Poverty Network members attended the luncheon event that marked the end of the organization’s two-week summit on July 15.

 “The Youth Summit brings teenage empowerment to the critical issues of anti-poverty and economic justice,” explained Jacob. “The extraordinary work of the JRF and the Youth Summit participants will surely have impact for years to come.”  At the end of the experience, students created PSAs to educate and build further awareness of the “face of poverty.  For a glimpse of all of the Anti-Poverty Youth Summit Activities, click-through the link to view the video:”

SAVE THE DATE: Annual Poverty Summit October 13th

The Anti-Poverty Network will host its signature event, the Annual Summit on Poverty will be held October 13, 2015 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. This year’s conference theme is Weeding Out Poverty: Uncovering the Roots of Racial and Economic Injustice. There will be phenomenal workshops, speakers and networking opportunities.

Make sure it's on your calendar, and share the date with your friends. Registration coming soon!


Pictured left to right are: Kimberly Warrick, Joann Williams-Swiney, New Community Family Resource Success Center Director, Linda Ellis.

NJ SHARES Participates in Resource and Harmony Day

Our partners, New Community Corporation hosted their annual Resource and Harmony Day in Newark on July 17th. The event serves as a way to bring together the community in the spirit of harmony to help raise public awareness of resources and services available to Newark residents, particularly those in need.

This year, The Family Resource Success Center was onsite at the event to offer help with a range of issues such as utility bill payments, emergency food supplies, clothing, substance abuse counseling, rental assistance and job placement. 

NJ SHARES attended the event, and was able to converse with attendees about the various programs and resources available to help families on the road to self-sufficiency.


agency spotlight

Pictured from left to right: Devorah Nussbaum, Orna Saabah, Leah Schnall, Rivky Jaroslowitz (Director), Mayer Hoberman, Isaac Birnhack and Nethanel Vilensky.

Lakewood Resource and Referral Center

NJ SHARES is fortunate to partner with more than 240 agencies around the state. Each organization has a different mission and focus, but all provide holistic solutions to their community. This month we want to highlight our partnership with the Lakewood Resource and Referral Center (LRRC).

LRRC provides compassionate and comprehensive social services, information and referral regarding first time homeownership programs & rental counseling, health-care insurance plans, nutritional supplementation programs and home utilities payment assistant programs to residents of Ocean County and beyond.

“The services provided by LRRC enhance the quality of life for our neighbors and help households achieve independence,” said Jim Jacob, President and CEO of NJ SHARES.
Devorah Nussbaum is a case manager at the LRRC who empathizes with her clients’ situations and continually goes the extra mile to help them. 

“One of the highlights of my job is assisting clients with their utility bills,” she explained. “I look forward to starting my day off by checking on my clients’ application status and I feel like a cheerleader as I watch the process go from the submitted stage to an approval. When I get a denial, I work to find out why the application was rejected and to see if there is any way that I can guide the client so that I am able to resubmit the application.”

Devorah continued, “I love the NJ SHARES team! Cheryl, Stephanie and Michelle are great team players – they are always so ready and able to assist me with my clients’ applications and answering my questions.”   For more information about LLRC, visit

Spotlight on NJ SHARES' Client Services Call Center

Jacqueline Poz

NJ SHARES’ Jacqueline Poz

Jacqueline Poz started working at NJ SHARES a little more than six months ago. Since her start, she has had the opportunity to assist customers in both English and Spanish in the NJ SHARES’ Client Services Call Center. 

“As a bilingual service customer representative, I have been educated on the programs available for struggling households and I’ve had the opportunity to show my compassion for those who need assistance and my passion for helping them,” she explained.  “I have the ability to overcome the language barrier that can hold individuals from getting help. I am thankful for the team of people I am working with and to NJ SHARES. I look forward to continuing to assist our clients.”

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