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NFFN Chairman, Tom Stovall presents David Carroll with the Sister Pat Kelley Award.

NJ SHARES Founding Board Advisor Receives Honors from NFFN

The National Fuel Funds Network (NFFN) presented the Sister Pat Kelley Award - its highest honor - to NJ SHARES’ Board Advisor, David Carroll. David has dedicated his career to research on low-income energy issues and has made substantial contributions to furthering the NFFN’s objectives.

For more than 25 years, Mr. Carroll’s research and analysis on energy assistance and energy efficiency programs have advanced low income energy policy and improved the efficiency of low and moderate income energy programs across the nation. In his current role as Managing Director for AAPRISE, a nonprofit research institute dedicated to improving public programs through data and analysis, David is leading the National WAP Evaluation and the Survey Data Collection team for the NYSERDA Energy $mart Program Evaluation. He recently directed the New Jersey Energy Star Homes Evaluation, the New Jersey Universal Service Program Evaluation, and several studies for the Federal LIHEAP Office. David’s award makes the fifth member of the NJ SHARES Board to be recognized nationally by the NFFN.

The Sister Pat Kelley Award is an annual achievement award in memorandum of Sister Pat, a pioneer in energy assistance, who raised the consciousness of those who could make a difference in the plight of our neighbors who too often have to do without. Sister Pat Kelley founded Missouri Energycare, Inc and was a driving force behind the development of the NFFN.

Alan Lichtenstein, Director of the Poverty Institute

NJ SHARES and Poverty Research Institute Present Workshop at National Conference

NJ SHARES and the Legal Services Poverty Research Institute joined together to bring poverty data and responsive efforts to the National Energy and Utility Affordability Conference, held in New Orleans, LA earlier this month. The workshop showcased the value of poverty statistics, program evaluation and collective responses.

Barbara Gomes, NJ SHARES’ Director of Outreach and Communication introduced the workshop as a best practice approach to responding to poverty and highlighted the outreach and education program implemented in New Jersey. Employing a series of regional meetings connected more than 300 NJ SHARES’ community based and legislative organization partners to timely and relevant poverty and evaluation data. This information is necessary to validate, educate and advocate for vital resources and coordinated implementation plans to create collaborative solutions.

Alan Lichtenstein, Director of the Poverty Institute and author of the Poverty Benchmark Report released last month gave a comprehensive report on Poverty, including how it is defined and measured nationally. Using New Jersey as an example, Allan outlined what poverty would look like if the cost of living was considered in the current poverty measure which puts a quarter of New Jersey’s residents in Poverty – the highest number in the state’s history. Program Performance was reviewed to indicate which programs currently in place are reducing poverty and what measures could be taken to make more of an impact. For the Poverty Benchmark’s report visit or Allan’s NEUAC presentation is available online at

NJ SHARES Joins Discussion on Bill Payer Self Sufficiency Workshop at NEUAC

At the National Energy and Utility Affordability Conference (NEUAC), Jim Jacob, President and CEO of NJ SHARES joined with Nancy Cianflone from National Grid and Barbara Hyshaw from the Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County in a workshop discussion on first time bill payers starting off on the right foot. During the session best practices were explored in development of innovative programs to help renters and utility bill payers to stay on track using budget counseling and motivational tactics.

Verizon Communication Lifeline Program Update

The Federal Communications Commission has issued changes in the Communications Lifeline program. Verizon is committed to our partnership and has been working with NJ SHARES administrators on developing the process for the revised program.
As of June 1, 2012, two new qualifying programs - Section 8 Housing Subsidy and the School Nutrition Program - have been added to the list of program-based eligibility criteria. Client’s whose income is at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level are income-based eligible to apply. Verizon will be adding an Interactive Voice Responder to assist with client inquiries on enrollment. The automatic match is uncertain. Clients will need to re-certify for the program annually as it has been in the past. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the NJ SHARES Client Services Call Center at 1-888-337-3339.

Summer Energy Cautions

As we continue to aid our communities together let’s consider the dangers of not having air conditioning, particularly for the elderly, disabled or infirm. When a person’s body becomes overheated, it places undue strain on the heart and blood vessels – the most important components of the body’s natural cooling system. When this occurs, heat stress, heart failure or a stroke may follow. As a result, those with heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, or a history of stroke need to be extra diligent about cooling their homes. As the weather in New Jersey starts to heat up in July and August, NJ SHARES will be ready for the influx of assistance requests to prevent hyperthermia and other heat-related problems among the state’s vulnerable population.
executive Letter

Jim Jacob, President and CEO

This month at NEUAC, we had a chance to meet with our colleagues from around the country to share experiences and best practices in making an impact for our vulnerable neighbors.

At the conference we were reminded of the core values of our sector and the enormity of what we accomplish together. This was illustrated best by the Luncheon speaker, Ron Anderson as he mapped out the will, hope and courage of those who often are forced to make difficult choices to survive.

Many of our colleagues were moved to tears or brought to their feet when hearing Ron Anderson’s account of his childhood life and the importance of service to others. Anderson, who grew up in difficult circumstances, explained that at one point in his childhood he lived without utility services and without a coat to keep warm. He told the captivated audience that he was given a coat by a neighbor who saw him walking to school in mid-winter in his shirtsleeves. Anderson said that act of service by his neighbor saved him and the acts of service by those in the audience save the people they help. He pointed out that service is based on caring and described service as "perpetual and generational." Anderson explained that helping one person affects the lives of others because helping one person in need also helps the other members of their household and in turn helps the generations that follow.

We are highly dependent on the hard work and service of our agency partners, financial supporters and friends. Thank you for your continued and meaningful support!

Jim Jacob


NJ SHARES Joins 400 Seniors for AARP Capital Day

Nearly 400 AARP members as well as leaders from both houses gathered at the Trenton Marriott for AARP’s Capitol Day on Thursday, June 7, 2012. Governor Christie gave the luncheon speech on topics concerning the people of New Jersey. NJ SHARES hosted an energy and utility assistance information table to distribute information and dialogue with the participants.

Burlington County Sheriff's Department Senior Exposition

NJ SHARES joined the Burlington County Sherriff’s Senior Exposition on Wednesday, May 23, 2012. The expo was designed to inform seniors of services available to them, as well as provide answers to any questions they may have regarding organizations with whom they already interact. NJ SHARES highlighted the telephone, water and energy programs available.

Agnecy Spotlight


InspiriTec enables people with disabilities and other disadvantages to gain skills and employment in Information Technology (IT) professions. To meet this goal, InspiriTec offers vocational training programs in such topics as computer assembly and repair/networking, applications development and programming and Web Design and Development. In addition, InspiriTec provides supportive services, such as case management, counseling, transportation assistance, assistive technology, and job readiness training.

InspiriTec operates its own commercial IT firm which provides core technology and resources back into training programs, and which often serves as a competitive and supportive work environment for graduates. This entrepreneurial approach to operating a charitable organization provides the opportunity to employ people with disabilities as programmers, network engineers, customer service representatives, and project managers. InspiriTec provides Call Center Services, software development, web page design and development, and network integration services.

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