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What's New

NJ SHARES Seeks Agency Partners in Northwest, Southern Counties

This month, NJ SHARES kicks off a Summer campaign to expand its reach by partnering with agencies in the Northwest and Southern-most counties of New Jersey. Since 1998, NJ SHARES has been partnering with community-based and government organizations to provide energy solutions to households who do not qualify for traditional programs. Though NJ SHARES partners with nearly 300 community-based and government organizations, the program needs more coverage in Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, Cape May, Cumberland and Salem Counties. Any interested agency should contact the Outreach Department at

NJ SHARES Night at the BlueClaws on July 9; Tickets Still Available

NJ SHARES night at the BlueClaws will take place on Friday, July 9, at 7 pm in at the team’s stadium in Lakewood. Tickets for the game against the Delmarva Shorebirds are being provided courtesy of New Jersey Natural Gas and Jersey Central Power and Light, A FirstEnergy Company. NJ SHARES will throw out the first pitch, our public service announcement will play on the scoreboard and the outreach team will have a table on the concourse to distribute information about energy assistance and conservation programs. In between innings, NJ SHARES will hold a special event for children. Please contact for tickets.

Interactive Dialogue Meetings to Be Held in July and August for Agency Partners

NJ SHARES has scheduled a series of Interactive Dialogue Meetings for July and August, to provide agency staff members of all levels with the opportunity to come and discuss the NJ SHARES assistance programs. The meetings are designed to be interactive sessions, for asking questions and providing feedback. Agency staff members will also have the opportunity to find ways to collaborate with other agencies in the NJ SHARES partner network and in their communities.

The meetings are as follows:

• July 21 – New Jersey Natural Gas, 4415 Wycoff Road, Wall, NJ
• July 22 - Glenn D. Cunningham Library, 275 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City, NJ
• July 28 - PSE&G Training Center, 233 Pierson Ave., Edison, NJ
• August 18 - Atlantic City Electric Main Campus, 5100 Harding Highway, Mays Landing, NJ
• August 20 - JCP&L Morristown Office – 300 Madison Avenue, Morristown, NJ

Any questions about locations, schedules or meeting agendas can be addressed to

NJ SHARES Hosts Workshop at National Energy and Utility Affordability Conference

NJ SHARES President & CEO Jim Jacob hosted a workshop this month at the National Energy and Utility Affordability Conference (NEUAC), held in San Antonio, Texas. The workshop, entitled “Serving the Newly Vulnerable,” explained how NJ SHARES is reaching out to people who never before required energy assistance, but due to the weak economy, are now experiencing financial distress.

The Serving the Newly Vulnerable workshop highlighted some key statistics from 2009, including: 60% of NJ SHARES grant recipients had a child 18 or younger in the home; the average household had only one person in the family contributing to income; 89% had employment income; 13% were single-parent households.

Board Member Jim Dieterle, Senior Director of New Jersey AARP, Shares Insights at NEUAC

Jim Dieterle, a founding member of the NJ SHARES Board and NJ State Director of AARP, shared his insights with NEUAC participants in his workshop, “Automatic Enrollment Into LIHEAP and Utility Discount Programs.”

The workshop described New Jersey’s groundbreaking approach – which Dieterle spearheaded – to ensuring that needy seniors get streamlined access to programs for medications, food and energy assistance. The workshop described how, for instance, those approved for PAAD, the low-income prescription drug program, will automatically be enrolled in utility discount programs. Another example he provided was the Food Stamp program, where those qualifying for food stamps automatically qualify for LIHEAP.

NEUAC is organized by the National Fuel Fund Network and the National Low Income Energy Consortium.

NJ FamilyCare: Applications Are in the Mail. Help Spread the WORD!

Families throughout New Jersey who have a child, or children, with no health insurance should know that help is on the way, and it is coming via U.S. mail: The state of New Jersey recently began mailing easy-to-complete applications for health insurance to thousands of families who indicated on their tax returns that their children are uninsured. For more information about the program, visit
Executive Letter

Over the last 12 years, NJ SHARES has had a significant impact on the lives of thousands of New Jersey residents who fall through the cracks of other energy assistance programs. This month at NEUAC, we had a chance to make a difference with families and individuals in other states, by sharing our energy assistance successes and best practices with colleagues from around the country.

This year’s NEUAC gathering featured 56 workshops in seven tracks dealing with subjects including energy availability and sustainability, weatherization and energy efficiency, energy assistance and education, energy policy and advocacy, vulnerable populations, energy programs operated by Tribes, and utility and fuel programs. NJ SHARES was honored to have the opportunity to share our experiences about providing assistance to the newly vulnerable. And, our Board member Jim Dieterle offered his insights on New Jersey’s successes into streamlining enrollment for multiple assistance programs.

The conference, held in sunny, sweltering Texas, was a timely reminder that energy assistance is an important topic in Summer as well as Winter.

We are all familiar with the dangers of not having air conditioning, particularly for the elderly, disabled or infirm. When a person’s body becomes overheated, it places undue strain on the heart and blood vessels – the most important components of the body’s natural cooling system. When this occurs, heat stress, heart failure or a stroke may follow. As a result, those with heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, or a history of stroke need to be extra diligent about cooling their homes.

As the weather in New Jersey continues to heat up in July and August, NJ SHARES will be ready for the influx of assistance requests to prevent hyperthermia and other heat-related problems among the state’s vulnerable population. During busy times like this, we are highly dependent on the hard work of our agency partners, financial supporters and friends. Thank you for your continued support!

Jim Jacob


NJ SHARES Attends Burlington County Senior Expo

This month, the NJ SHARES Outreach Team attended the Burlington County Senior Expo at the Masonic Home’s Fellowship Center in Burlington. Hosted by the County Sheriff’s department, Office on Aging and TRIAD Group, the expo provided NJ SHARES with an opportunity to distribute information about our programs to seniors, as well as network with other community groups.

NJ SHARES Attends NJ Association of Counties Conference

The NJ Association of Counties held its 60th annual conference in Atlantic City in June. A forum for members to network with their peers from around the state, the conference offered NJ SHARES a great opportunity to distribute information about its services to those in the position to help needy New Jerseyans.

NJ SHARES Attends ‘Get Help With Housing’ Event

The NJ SHARES Outreach Team in June also attended a get Help With Housing event, hosted by the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance. The event, held at Monmouth County Library in Manalapan on June 17, exposed NJ SHARES assistance programs to people who may be struggling with their energy bills.

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