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presidents message

Jim Jacob, President & CEO

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2016 National Energy and Utility Affordability Conference (NEUAC). The conference is designed to help to strengthen the energy safety net and there were many interesting topics of discussion. The Opening Session, titled, Utility Rates of the Future, provided valuable insight into changing systems of delivery and rate design and how that will impact low and moderate income households.   I was honored to give one of the presentations during the conference alongside my esteemed colleague Jim Dieterle from AARP focusing on effective fundraising methods for energy assistance programs.

I would also like to commend three nonprofit organizations for the work that they are continuing to do on behalf of the victims of Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy.   HeartShare Human Services in New York, Catholic Charities of Trenton, and Saint Bernard Project who have been dedicated to assisting with the disaster recovery efforts for those who continue to feel the effects of these devastating storms. More than 10 years after Katrina and almost 4 years after Sandy, many families are still not back in their homes and the reconstruction from these storms is still not complete. It is through the commitment of agencies such as these that people find hope and comfort when they need it the most.

In conclusion, I would like to thank our valued donors and partners throughout the state. It is because of their generous support that we have been able to continue to provide our neighbors throughout New Jersey with the energy assistance they need.



Jim Jacob

What's New

Jim Jacob presenting at NEUAC.

NJ SHARES Presents at National Energy and Utility Affordability Conference

This month, Jim Jacob and Barbara Gomes went to Denver, CO to join the national assembly of energy and utility affordability professionals who represent government, utility and non-profits around the country for the annual National Energy and Utility Affordability Conference.  The conference, hosted by the National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition (NEUAC), is the premier venue to network with like-minded professionals who are working toward energy affordability in their communities. NEUAC encourages the sharing of ideas and best practices to learn about and implement programs that reduce energy burdens for vulnerable populations across the country.

Jim Jacob presented with Jim Dieterle, AARP National Volunteer, on the Escheats Legislation that has brought energy assistance funds to many vulnerable households in several states. The presenters continue to hope that other states across the nation will use Escheats dollars to help vulnerable populations in a financial crisis with their utility bills.


Pictured at the event are: Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian (center) serving NJ SHARES President and CEO Jim Jacob and Board Chair Alita Corbett of Atlantic City Electric.

Tun Tavern Hosts NJ SHARES Dine Out To Donate Event

NJ SHARES held a Dine-Out-To-Donate event at Tun Tavern in Atlantic City on Tuesday, June 21st to benefit NJ SHARES energy assistance program and celebrate the work we do to help our New Jersey neighbors afford home energy. The event welcomed attendees of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Conference, which was being held in Atlantic City during that week, to a night of celebration of our joint efforts to help New Jerseyans remain safe in their homes as they resolve their financial crisis.

Guest Bartenders, Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, Gina LaPlaca, NJ SHARES Board member from Verizon and Bill Bradshaw from New Jersey Natural Gas made the night fun while talking about the good work we do at NJ SHARES.

NJ SHARES attends 37th Annual Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Indian Pow Wow.

NJ SHARES Attends Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Indian Pow Wow

NJ SHARES recently participated in the 37th Annual Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Indian Pow Wow. Held June 11th through 12th at the Salem County Fairgrounds in Woodstown, NJ, the Pow Wow celebrated the culture and socializing of American Indians. It is a “living event” and not a “reenactment” – public Pow Wows invite non-American Indian people to learn and enjoy the celebration, while also respecting the culture. It is a celebration that respects the ancestors and the ways of American Indian People. At any given Pow Wow, you will find a wide array of Indian arts, handmade crafts and jewelry for sale.

NJ SHARES staff Danielle Cramer, Ashley Austin, Michele Benanti and Hannah Ayoub attended the Pow Wow to talk about our programs and to provide information and referrals.

The Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Indian Tribe serves as an intake site for NJ SHARES’ utility assistance programs. The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation is a constitutionally organized, self-governing, inherently sovereign American Indian Nation.  The tribe is recognized by the State of New Jersey, with permanent seats on the NJ Commission on American Indian Affairs and has been enumerated as an American Indian tribal population by the United States Census Bureau in both the 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census.  The tribe is a voting member nation of the National Congress of American Indians, the oldest and largest organization of American Indian Tribes.

NJ SHARES presents at the LIHEAP and Weatherization Conference.

NJ SHARES Presents Program Information at New Jersey Weatherization & Home Energy Assistance Training Conference

As part of our commitment to help our neighbors with energy and utility assistance, NJ SHARES educates and informs all of our partner agencies and the greater public about the various energy, water, telephone, conservation and weatherization programs available. 

Naturally, we joined with our state partners at the 2016 New Jersey Weatherization & Home Energy Assistance Training Conference held at the Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center on June 21 through 23. The conference was a valuable opportunity for New Jersey Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) and Home Energy Assistance (HEA) professionals to come together to receive updates, training and feedback on policies and standards that help them provide invaluable services to their clients. As part of the conference’s agenda, engaging technical and program related sessions were provided by local and nationally recognized instructors. 

NJ SHARES Exhibits at the Elizabethport Community Fair.

NJ SHARES Exhibits at Elizabethport Community Center Resource Fair

NJ SHARES showcased our programs to the participants of the Elizabethport Community Fair held on June 15th at the Elizabethport Community Center in Elizabeth.

The goal of the event was to provide information to the community about the services that are available to them in the areas of education, health and individual, family and community self-sufficiency. Basic health screenings, such as HIV/AIDS testing, blood pressure, and glucose screenings, were also provided onsite. 

NJ SHARES Showcases Programs at Super Storm Sandy Outreach Day in Hudson County

NJ SHARES participated in the Sandy Outreach Day hosted by Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Newark on June 15th. The event, held at the St. Lawrence Church Hall in Weehawken from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., gave NJ SHARES the opportunity to meet with attendees and share information on our utility assistance programs.  In addition to our programs, information about housing counseling, mortgages, social services and legal aid were made available to attendees.

NJ SHARES joined representatives from Valley National Bank, TD Bank, First Prestige Mortgages, Northeast NJ Legal, Volunteer Lawyers for Justice, Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services (LEAD Program), College Choice Today, Mental Health Association in NJ, Puertorriqueños Asociados for Community Organization, Inc. (PACO), PSE&G, and more at the event.

Agency Spotlight

Pictured are Adam Fishman, Case Manager for Catholic Charities and Dena Shipley NJ SHARES’ Outreach Coordinator.

NJ SHARES Welcomes Catholic Charities Diocese of Camden’s Atlantic City Office

NJ SHARES welcomes Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden’s Atlantic City Office to our network of partner agencies who take applications for NJ SHARES’ programs.

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden is a faith-based agency rooted in the gospel and social teaching of the Catholic Church. They provide social services to, advocate for and empower the poor, oppressed or vulnerable. Catholic Charities does this in a non-discriminatory, non-sectarian basis throughout the six southern New Jersey counties.

In addition to connecting NJ SHARES utility assistance programs to qualified applicants in the Atlantic County community, Catholic Charities works on a number of vital programs including veteran services, asset development, homeless missionaries, immigration and resettlement programs, in addition to providing resources and case management in response to the Atlantic City Casino Closure and Hurricane Sandy disasters.


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