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NJ SHARES Partners with PSE&G to Help Flood Victims

Heavy rainfalls in March left many New Jerseyans with flooded homes and subsequent financial crises. NJ SHARES partnered with PSE&G this month to connect flood victims in Paterson and Bound Brook with vital programs and services. NJ SHARES joined PSE&G, township governments, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), The Salvation Army, The American Red Cross, Paterson Task Force and many other partners who shared the concern for the residents whose homes were overtaken by the rise of rivers and streams.

NJ SHARES also partnered with PSE&G to educate local social service partners at seven regional meetings around the state on the energy programs currently available.

Recession Continues to Challenge New Jersey’s Non-Profits

The recession continued to take a deep toll on New Jersey non-profits in 2009, and the outlook for 2010 remains uncertain, according to a new report released by the Center for Non-Profits. The report found that many organizations are struggling with increased demand at a time when funding is declining and costs are going up.

The Center’s survey, “New Jersey Non-Profits 2010: Trends and Outlook,” conducted in February, found 64% of responding organizations had experienced an increased demand for services during the past year, and 74% expected demand to continue to rise in 2010. Forty-five percent reported that total funding had declined in 2009, and 43% reported that expenses exceeded support and revenue during the most recently completed fiscal year. Despite cost-cutting measures, nearly 60% of respondents expected their total expenses to rise in 2010. At the same time, only 38% expected their total 2010 funding to increase, while 35% anticipated a drop in total funding.

The report calls for efforts to strengthen non-profits and for continued government/non-profit collaboration. The full report is available on the Center for Non-Profits’ web site at


Jim Jacob, President & CEO of NJ SHARES

Spring may have officially arrived in New Jersey, but many households are still struggling under the weight of large heating bills. The New Jersey Winter Termination Program – which runs during the coldest time of year, from mid-November through mid-March – ended on March 15, meaning that individuals and families who are unable to make good-faith payments to their utilities could experience an interruption of service. Each year, NJ SHARES sees a spike in applications for energy assistance, and we are working at full capacity to address them.

This winter, LIHEAP has seen an incredible increase of approximately 25% in the number of applications submitted for assistance. Agencies throughout the state have been very busy helping those in need. The Department of Community Affairs Call Center, operated by NJ SHARES, received more than 92,000 calls since January 2010. LIHEAP, the Federal energy assistance program, is set to close on April 30.

The recession’s impact is felt deeply by many of New Jersey’s households, and the organizations established to help them. This month, the economic crisis took its toll on non-profit organizations. Demand for services is up, but so are costs, and funding sources are declining. This, combined with the sting of state budget cuts and possible property tax increases in some communities, will affect many families’ ability to make ends meet.

NJ SHARES would like to reinforce our appreciation to our partners and friends who continue to work to find solutions for New Jersey’s working poor, moderate and fixed income population. Together with our Legislative partners, our Energy company partners, our donors, friends, and our agency partners, we are working to address the needs of those who fall through the cracks of other assistance programs. With all of your continued support, we hope to help more people than ever this year, and into the 2011 heating season.

Best regards,

Jim Jacob


BJ’s Wholesale Club Arranges Donation Program to NJ SHARES

BJ’s Wholesale club is running a special for new and renewing members. For each person signing up, BJ’s will donate $5 to NJ SHARES. This offer is only available by contacting Sarina Mulleavey by email at This offer is not available online or in store.

NJ SHARES would like to thank BJ’s for spearheading this program.

New Jersey Community Action Association Reception

On March 30th, NJ SHARES joined more than 200 members and guests at New Jersey Community Action Association’s (NJCAA) reception to honor Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney and Assemblywoman Shelia Y. Oliver for their support of
at-risk households across the state. The reception was held at the Trenton War Memorial.

The NJCAA, one of the founding members of NJ SHARES’ Board of Directors, is dedicated to improving the quality of life for New Jersey’s low income and disadvantaged residents.


Coming Soon! A Priority Support Request Form will soon display on the NJ SHARES application system.

This new system enhancement will allow agencies to communicate with the Grant Processing Department by email from every screen during the application process. This feature will expedite inquires regarding applications.

LIHEAP and USF Note:

Agencies should take note that LIHEAP will close on April 30, 2010. As of May 1, NJ SHARES agencies will refer to the USF chart in their agency training packets to determine income eligibility. Questions on how to use the chart can be addressed to

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