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What's New

NFFN Chairman, Tom Stovall remarks during LIHEAP Action Day Press Conference. He is joined by Mark Wolf, Director of the National Energy Assistance Director's Association and Congressman Ed Markey.

NJ SHARES Lends Voice to LIHEAP Action Day

NJ SHARES joined advocates from around the country on Capitol Hill February 15th for the National Fuel Funds Network’s tenth annual Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Action Day. The event, which included 130 program advocates from across the country, delivered in-person messages through nearly 150 appointments with legislators, imploring their vote for full funding.

LIHEAP provides federal funding to help consumers who struggle with home heating and cooling bills during times of extreme weather, continued cuts made to this program will result in tragedies. If Congress funds LIHEAP at the fully authorized level of $5.1 billion, it is only enough to assist 1 in 5 eligible Americans. Last year we saw significant cuts to this basic need program. President Obama again calls for a reduction of aid, asking Congress for $3.1 Billion for 2013.

At a press conference held on the same day, Representative Ed Markey (D-MA) remarked, “LIHEAP is not just a line item in the budget. It is a lifeline in tough economic times.” He then announced the introduction of legislation authorizing LIHEAP at $7.1 billion. The bill would increase the maximum funding level for the federal energy assistance program. Legislators Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), John Larson (D-CT) and Peter Welch (D-VT) joined in support of this bill.

Use the link below to sign on to the Nationwide All Parties appeal to Congress to support full funding for LIHEAP

NJ SHARES Models Energy Program for Maryland’s People’s Council

NJ SHARES participated in the Maryland Office of the People’s Council’s Summit on Energy Assistance. The forum showcased the NJ SHARES statewide model of energy assistance and the importance of building bridges between government, non-profit and industry leaders to develop, coordinate and implement programs that ensure a seamless energy safety-net for the vulnerable population. The event, held on February 28, brought together more than 120 energy assistance advocates to focus ideas and resources in the state of Maryland.

The Maryland Office of the People’s Council represents the interests of residential consumers of electricity, natural gas, telecommunications and private water services in Maryland. For more information visit:

Spotlight on service

Simuel Brown and Kim Pereira confer regarding NJ SHARES.

Assemblyman Albert Coutinho and his Constituent Services Provider, Kimberly Pereira invited NJ SHARES staff to the Ferry Street office to meet a resident who was able to make ends meet after receiving a NJ SHARES grant.
Newark resident, Simuel Brown, Jr., a Patriots fan and recognized employee, works in maintenance at a popular food distribution chain in northern, NJ. Though Mr. Brown is employed, like many of our NJ neighbors, his income is not enough to cover the basics yet over the amount to receive Federal or State aid.

Mr. Brown recounts, “My energy costs are high and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make the payment. I knew for sure I would have to sacrifice food to keep the lights on. Then one of my neighbors told me about the help that she received through the NJ SHARES program. I was happy to find out there was help for me and I appreciate the quality service I received by the Assemblyman’s office staff in connecting me to this help.” Assemblyman Coutinho added, “NJ SHARES is a tremendous program that helps people when they need it most.”

president's letter

Jim Jacob, President and C.E.O.

One in every seven Americans live in poverty according to the U.S. Census Bureau but funding for vital energy assistance is at a three year low. We may have had a warmer than usual winter this year, but the basic need for energy and utility resources is still vital. Our neighbors are struggling just as much if not more than they were last year.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is the foundation of the energy safety net and the most critical program for our nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Strong messages were conveyed to Congress during the National Fuel Fund Network’s LIHEAP Action Day and I would like to thank the US representatives, senators and legislative staff members who met with NJ SHARES and our utility and fuel merchant partners to discuss the energy safety net in New Jersey – including LIHEAP and NJ SHARES.

The proposed cuts in LIHEAP funding – for FY2013 – will deny basic needs to low-income households, the disabled and the millions of Americans seeking work. NJ SHARES is deeply concerned for the survival of our neighbors, because we know many will be forced to make painful choices between heating their homes or paying for other necessities such as food, medicine and clothing.

NJ SHARES will continue to advocate for increased LIHEAP funding, as well as for sustained funding for the NJ SHARES program, to be able to assist thousands of households working hard to survive in our state. We are deeply grateful to all of our partners, supporters and friends for their ongoing support in helping us in our mission.

Best regards,

Jim Jacob


Health and Wellness Resources for Service Members

Military OneSource has health and wellness resources available Free of charge to service members and eligible family members. These resources include but are not limited to the following; fitness and nutrition, child and youth well-being, safety and self-care, general health, reunion and reintegration, as well as emotional well-being. Please visit the Health and Wellness link for more information.

PSE&G Celebrates Grand Opening of Trenton Customer Service Center

NJ SHARES along with our partners from Mercer County Hispanic Affairs celebrated the grand opening of PSE&G’s new customer service center located at 28 West State Street, Trenton, NJ (across the street from the former location at 15 West State Street) on February 22.

The customer service center is another location where folks can go for many services relating to their utility bills. We are grateful to PS&G for recognizing the community need for a service center in this area.

Suits for Success Celebrates Grand Re-Opening

NJ SHARES’ partner agency celebrates the grand re-opening of their Jersey City office located on the third floor of 121-125 Newark Ave. Suits for Success, an expansion of Dress for Success in Hudson County is known for aiding vulnerable residents on the road to self-sufficiency by providing interview appropriate attire and coaching.

In response to community needs, the agency grew to offer post TANF programs, a local outreach referral network and NJ SHARES energy and utility programs. For more information, visit:

ACE's Energy SAving Tips

Atlantic City Electric has published a brochure, “85 Ways to Save Money and Energy.” The brochure highlights how to save by better utilizing your dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer, water, washer/dryer and lighting. To view the brochure, visit:

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