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Tom Stovall, president of National Fuel Funds Network

NJ SHARES Attends LIHEAP Action Day

NJ SHARES gathered on Capitol Hill on Feb. 9 for the National Fuel Funds Network’s LIHEAP Action Day. The purpose of the event, which included 120 program advocates from across the country, was to deliver in-person messages to legislators to vote for full funding for the Low Income Home Energy Program (LIHEAP), for both 2011 and 2012.

However, funding looks as if it will fall far short of the $5.1 billion needed. Ironically, on the same day, the House Appropriations Committee announced a list of cuts for the next continuing resolution, which will fund the government for the remaining seven months of fiscal year 2011. The cuts include a reduction of $400 million for LIHEAP contingency funds.

A few days after LIHEAP Action Day, the Obama Administration announced its fiscal year 2012 budget, which put LIHEAP funding at $2.5 billion. A cut of this magnitude would result in over 3 million households, or almost 9 million people, going without LIHEAP assistance next year.

LIHEAP is a critical program which provides federal funding to help consumers who struggle with home heating and cooling bills during times of extreme weather. For the past two years, Congress has funded LIHEAP at the fully authorized level of $5.1 billion. Even at the $5.1 billion funding level, it is only enough to assist 1 in 5 eligible Americans.

President's letter

I would like to thank the US representatives, senators and legislative staff members who met with NJ SHARES and our utility and fuel merchant partners during the National Fuel Fund Network’s LIHEAP Action Day to discuss the energy safety net in New Jersey – including LIHEAP and NJ SHARES.

Currently, the Federal government has some tough decisions that need to be made. NJ SHARES is extremely concerned that the proposed cuts in LIHEAP funding – for both FY2011 and FY2012 – will deny low-income people heat and cooling, basic needs for survival.

Significantly reduced LIHEAP funds means that low-income families, the disabled, the millions of Americans seeking work, and middle-income Americans could be forced to make painful choices between heating their homes or paying for other necessities such as food, medicine and clothing.

NJ SHARES together with the National Fuel Funds Network (NFFN) organized nearly 40 entities from New Jersey to sign on to the Nationwide All Parties appeal to Congress to support full funding for LIHEAP for 2011 and 2012. For more information on what you can do, visit

NJ SHARES will continue to advocate for increased LIHEAP funding, as well as for sustained funding for the NJ SHARES program, to be able to assist thousands of households working hard to survive in our state. We are deeply grateful to all of our partners, supporters and friends for their ongoing support in helping us in our mission.

Best regards,

Jim Jacob


NJ SHARES showcased at National Call Center Conference

NJ SHARES presented at the Call Center Week Summit in Orlando, FL. Kimberly Warrick, Client Service Center Manager, sat on the planning board for the conference and spoke about the fundamentals of call centers and reverting back to basics by focusing on the quality of customer service. She also spoke about revamping hiring practices and enhancing the experience of external as well as internal customers. The NJ SHARES call center was featured as a national model for the Verizon Call Center’s Lifeline and LinkUp program.

Scotch Plains Seniors Learn About NJ SHARES’ Assistance Programs

NJ SHARES was invited to speak with the Golden Agers of Scotch Plains at the Scotch Hills Country Club on February 20. Dena Shipley, outreach coordinator, presented on all NJ SHARES programs, including energy assistance and the Lifeline and Link-Up telephone assistance program.

NJ SHARES Presents at Atlantic City Electric’s Energy and Job Forum

NJ SHARES was a guest speaker at People for People’s Energy and Jobs Forum sponsored by Atlantic City Electric on Feb. 22 at the Gloucester County Library in Mullica Hill. The forum gave NJ SHARES an opportunity to present its programs to local agencies who are connecting clients to services. Barbara Gomes, NJ SHARES’ director of outreach and communications, presented on LIHEAP Action Day in Washington D.C, and discussed the NJ SHARES’ Energy Assistance Program. The Gloucester County Workforce Investment Board also discussed programs available for the unemployed in Gloucester County, in addition to finding and retaining jobs.

NJ SHARES Board Member Reverend Bruce Davidson Retires

On Sunday, February 27, NJ SHARES joined in celebrating Reverend Bruce Davidson’s retirement from Saint John’s Lutheran Church in Summit, New Jersey. Among Reverend Davidson’s friends was his spouse Donald Barb, Esq., Bishop of the Synod, Reverend E. Roy Riley. Jr.,Public Officials, the Anti-Poverty Network and of course New Jersey SHARES.

Reverend Davidson’s life work as a Pastor of three congregations and the Director of the Lutheran Office of Governmental Ministries has put him front and center in advocating for the vulnerable populations in New Jersey. It was through his work with the Anti-Poverty Network and the good policies of the Corzine administration that many households in New Jersey received help with food and energy needs during one of the most severe economic downturns in generations.

We wish our friend a retirement filled with happiness and rest and thank him greatly for his commitment to New Jersey’s vulnerable citizens. Congratulations, Reverend Davidson.

Atlantic City Electric Names 85 Ways to Save

Atlantic City Electric has published a brochure, “85 Ways to Save Money and Energy.” The brochure highlights how to save by better utilizing your dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer, water, washer/dryer and lighting.

Here are some specific tips:

• Set your thermostat at 68 degrees F during the day and 60 degrees F at night.
• You can save 3 percent on your heating costs for every degree you reduce the temperature below 70 degrees F, for the entire heating season.
• Special advice to heat pump owners: Heat pumps need to stay at a constant setting unless you have a programmable electronic heat pump thermostat with adaptive recovery.
• Check with your heating or air conditioning contractor to determine the type of thermostat you have.

To view the brochure, visit:

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