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President's Letter

As another year draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest thanks to all those who have continued to help our organization provide assistance to our fellow New Jerseyans in crisis.

This year was one of the most challenging fiscal and needy climates in New Jersey history. New Jersey’s struggling households have experienced the perfect storm of limited resources, swollen needs and some unexpected natural disasters that have sent some struggling folks into depravation. Since inception in 1998, NJ SHARES has assisted 172,617 households with $67.9 Million in energy assistance. These numbers reflect the ongoing need throughout our state. Unfortunately, NJ SHARES has had to turn away thousands of households due to limited funding. NJ SHARES joins with our fuel fund colleagues across the country in providing a safety net for households in crisis.

We continue our work to connect clients with available resources through our partnerships with the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), New Jersey American Water, United Water and Verizon. The DCA call center has responded to 212,076 LIHEAP and USF inquiries and expect another 10,000 to 12,000 calls before the end of the year. The Verizon call center has aided 67,800 customers with their Communications Lifeline program benefits. New Jersey American Water expanded their program to include conservation measures in addition to our work with the H20 to Help Others program to enroll low income clients for water assistance and discount rate benefits. Our partnership with United Water continues to aid our New Jersey neighbors and also folks in eight additional states.

Our agency and legislative network offers 315 access sites around the state where clients can apply for our Energy, Telephone and Water programs in addition to the support of the caseworkers who have the opportunity to assess the client’s broad spectrum of needs and offer a holistic solution.

In addition to our continued partnerships that have strengthened our mission, I want to especially share with you a bright light that we have found at NJ SHARES this year. Our donors recognized the harsh climate that continues to loom over our struggling neighbors and responded in higher numbers with larger donations. This year NJ SHARES’ faithful individual donors raised more than any other previous year. We are humbled and grateful that our donors have given more at a time when many have less.

Let’s continue to work together to help keep our struggling neighbors warm, safe and out of poverty. Thank you again for your support, and may you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and joyous New Year.

Best regards,
Jim Jacob

What's New

NJ SHARES Receives Utility Assistance Funds

This month, NJ SHARES received escheat funds from the Department of the Treasury in the amount of $1,695,369.85. The funds, which are distributed by county, are currently available for application.

Escheat funding is derived from the unclaimed property reports submitted by New Jersey's electric and gas companies and their parent companies. The dollar amount received represents 75% of the funds collected by the state and is directed to NJ SHARES by law since 2000. Visit or call 1-866-NJSHARES for more information.

NJ SHARES Broadens Mission

In December, the NJ SHARES Board of Directors updated the organization’s mission statement to more accurately define the work of the organization. NJ SHARES Mission Statement: New Jersey SHARES, Inc. is a statewide non-profit corporation providing assistance to individuals and families in need of help meeting their energy and utility burden. Through education, information and referral, and community outreach we also connect low and moderate income households with available resources to meet their ongoing needs. The mission statement can be found on the NJ SHARES website,

Center for Non-Profit’s Conference Report

The Center for Non-Profit’s Conference ‘Making Connections Count: Thriving in a New Era’ convened upwards of 250 participants on December 2, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jamesburg. The conference offered 18 exhibitors, 17 breakout sessions and two thought-provoking plenary Sessions. The morning plenary set the tone of the conference impressing the importance of effective communication and productive partnerships that can build trust and create collaborations. Speakers were Thaler Pekar, Principal, Thaler Peaker & Partners and Jay Rhoderick, President, BizProv, a dynamic corporate training consulting firm.

Allison Fine, co-author of The Networked Nonprofit was the Luncheon speaker. She engaged the conferences in a thoughtful discussion about the intersection of social media and social change. For more information visit: According to the survey, attendees found the conference invaluable in providing resources and information on funding, marketing, in kind donations sources and so much more. This year’s conference had a special emphasis on emerging leaders with nearly 50 attendees identified as emerging in non-profit leadership roles. Another 40+ attendees identified as established non-profit leaders to engage in an exchange of experience and perspectives. The conference provided a track to understanding, managing and facilitating intergeneration differences and conversations.

New Jersey Community Resources Published Utility Guide

New Jersey Community Resources published a guide to avoiding utility terminations during the cold winter months. The guide is meant for anyone needing to resolve a utility emergency. This may be useful for caseworks as well as the clients. The guide includes a set of questions meant to help low-income clients receive the services needed to avoid needless utility shutoffs. The “Utility Questions Guide” is available online at Reference to the guide has also been published at (website) and (blog).

Advocates for Children of New Jersey Publish Newark Kids Count Report

Advocates for Children of New Jersey published their annual Newark Kids Count Report, an annual profile of the well-being of children in New Jersey’s largest city. This year, the report features a special section on 3rd grade reading proficiency, with reading scores from every elementary school in Newark. Children who are not proficient readers by 3rd grade are more likely to drop out of school. The report was presented on December 15, 2011 at the Branch Brook Elementary School. Featured speakers included Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Newark Superintendent of Schools Cami Anderson. The full report can be found at

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