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What's New

LIHEAP Opens on November 2

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
opens on Monday, November 2.

The program will aid households 225% or below the Federal Poverty Level with their energy bills. Clients 175% and below the Federal Poverty Level may also qualify for the Universal Service Fund program (USF).

For more information on the Federal and State programs, please call 1-800-510-3102 or visit

NJ SHARES Administering New Jersey American Water’s Assistance Programs

This month, NJ SHARES announced that it is now participating in the delivery of bill payment assistance programs to New Jersey American Water customers throughout the state. On October 1, 2009, NJ SHARES officially took over the administration of two programs: “H2O To Help Others” and the “Low Income Payment Program” (LIPP).

H20 To Help Others, for households 200% or below the Federal Poverty Level, is a grant up to $500 to be applied to qualified clients’ New Jersey American Water bills. For eligible clients 175% or below the Federal Poverty Level, LIPP offers a discounted rate that can be applied monthly.

NJ SHARES is currently developing an electronic application for its agency partners; the application process is likely to be similar to that of NJ SHARES’ energy programs. In the meantime, New Jersey American Water clients that need assistance can be referred to NJ SHARES’ client services call center, at 1-(888) 337-3339.

NJ SHARES Receives $40,000 Grant from Elizabethtown Gas

Elizabethtown Gas, through the AGL Resources Private Foundation, has donated an additional $40,000 to NJ SHARES to provide energy assistance to New Jersey households that are in the midst of a gas bill payment crisis.

Elizabethtown Gas Vice President Don Carter presented NJ SHARES with the grant on October 13 at the grand opening of Elizabethtown Gas’ new Customer Care Call Center in Union, N.J. “New Jersey SHARES does so much for so many. This donation will be available to help qualified households pay their heating bills this winter.”

Atlantic City Electric Donates $25,000 to New Jersey SHARES

Atlantic City Electric presented NJ SHARES with a $25,000 donation earlier this month. The donation was presented at Atlantic City Electric’s largest South Jersey Expo aimed at connecting residents with energy programs.

“We are sensitive to the hardships our customers face, particularly during these tough economic times when many have nowhere to turn during a financial crisis,” said Atlantic City Electric Region President Vince Maione. “We are proud to support the mission of this great organization.”

Letter from the Executive Director


Wintry weather blew into New Jersey this month, with chilly temperatures and even some pre-Halloween snow in some parts of the state. As fall fades into winter, NJ SHARES continues to spread the word about programs that can help low, moderate and fixed income New Jerseyans secure critical heating and electric service this winter.

The energy safety net in NJ extends up to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), providing assistance to help New Jersey’s vulnerable populations through various programs. LIHEAP, which opens Nov. 2, assists households up to 225% of FPL; the Universal Service Fund (USF), available year-round, helps folks up to 175% of FPL. For those households that do not qualify for LIHEAP and USF, NJ SHARES extends the safety net up to 400% of FPL.

Because energy assistance extends to conservation as well as grants, NJ SHARES is an enthusiastic supporter of the NJ Clean Energy program, which helps limited income residents conserve energy, reduce their utility bills and ease their financial burdens through improved efficiency measures. We continue to connect clients with programs for low or no-cost energy efficiency audits, as well as for weatherization grants to improve the energy use, and comfort, in their homes. Clients in the USF and LIHEAP programs, for instance, can participate in a free home energy audit designed to ultimately reduce energy costs.

At the same time, NJ SHARES is grateful to receive additional donations from long-time supporters such as Elizabethtown Gas, Atlantic City Electric, South Jersey Gas and New Jersey Natural Gas. NJ SHARES would like to express a warm and gracious “thank you” to Elizabethtown Gas for their contribution of $40,000 and to Atlantic City Electric for their $25,000 contribution. They have made October a warmer month for households in crisis. Your generosity of spirit, particularly as winter approaches, to help our friends and neighbors in need is most appreciated.

Best regards,
Jim Jacob


Communication Through Art

NJ SHARES and Verizon had the honor of co-sponsoring an exhibit, which began on October 17 and will last until the end of November, called “Communication through Art” at the Arts Unbound Gallery in Orange. Arts Unbound honored former First Lady of New Jersey Mary Jo Codey, who serves as their Honorary Board Chair, for her constant support of those facing difficulties with mental illness and breast cancer.

NJ SHARES was honored to be a part of this exhibit, and this year’s NJ SHARES’ holiday card will feature a cover designed by Dashir Johnson, one of the amazing Arts Unbound artists. Dashir is a young man who lives with autism. His work in digital design has been highly regarded by those visiting Arts Unbound. His whimsical designs often convey the ongoing social interactions between family and friends. To learn more about Arts Unbound or to shop for your holiday card visit

Special Ticket Offer for NJ SHARES’ Night with the NJ Devils

NJ SHARES will hold a special night with the NJ Devils on Friday, January 29, 2010, at 7:00 p.m. Now is the time for NJ SHARES’ supporters to take advantage of discounted tickets. Get a $79 seat for $65 (Lower level - Corner/Ends), or a $56 seat for $35 (Mezzanine/Balcony).

NJ DEVILS will share the warmth as they take the ice against the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Come out and help us celebrate the difference our programs make for our neighbors in need. NJ SHARES will be on the concourse sharing materials and information for sports fans and friends.

Tickets will make a great holiday gift and help New Jersey's vulnerable families stay warm this winter. To purchase tickets, call Tom Stocky at 973-757-6250 and use promotion code: NJSHARES 012910.

Atlantic City Electric and NJ SHARES partner to reach South Jersey Communities in Need

NJ SHARES greets regional social service network and New Jersey residents to offer resources and information on energy assistance during several energy conferences and expos this month hosted by Atlantic City Electric.

Jim Jacob gave the luncheon speech at the 2009 Low Income Energy Assistance Summit held at the Atlantic City Convention Center. He spoke about the changing energy economy and highlighted how the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative was able to generate assistance funds for NJ SHARES clients.

NJS joined other agencies, energy companies, and state representatives to discuss and collaborate on the various resources available to assist low and moderate income families in meeting their energy needs. Topics of discussion included how agencies and energy companies can work together, information about LIHEAP, foreclosure prevention, and how to help meet the needs of senior citizens.

New Jersey Natural Gas Energy Fairs Geared Towards Energy Solutions

NJ SHARES interacted with central and northern New Jersey social service providers at three New Jersey Natural Gas Energy Fairs hosted at their various facilities this month. Monmouth, Morris, and Ocean County agencies learned about NJ SHARES and other programs available to qualifying households.

Guest speakers from the Department of Community Affairs, New Jersey Natural Gas, and Comfort Partners described various programs and initiatives geared towards helping low and moderate income households pay for rising energy costs. Many presentations were geared towards ways to save energy and cut down costs of energy bills.

NJ SHARES Helps with Young Adults at Transitional Fair

NJ SHARES had the opportunity to attend a transitional fair for young adults with disabilities, hosted by LifeWork and School for Children in Eatontown, NJ.

LifeWork is an organization which helps young people during the transition from school to work and provides supported employment to young adults with disabilities. The event, provided attendees and their parents with many different resources to assist them in making smooth transitions into adulthood.

NJ SHARES Reaches Out to Seniors at Margate Senior Expo

The 2009 Senior Expo hosted NJ SHARES and more than 80 other exhibitors who presented information about finances, medicine, fitness, housing, utility, transportation, insurance, legal aid, entertainment, travel, and more to the senior citizen community in the Margate area.

NJ SHARES was able to reach out to many seniors about the energy, telephone and water programs available through this event.

The NJ SHARES income chart was updated with the new LIHEAP and USF guidelines. Agencies should look for an updated packet to download after 11/2/09. A system notification was sent out with the new information on 10/29/09. Questions can be addressed to

This month, NJ SHARES announced a new partnership with New Jersey American Water. Stay tuned for further details on income caps, grant amounts and eligibility guidelines, as well as contact phone numbers and training packets.

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