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History and Timeline

In 2018, NJ SHARES celebrates our 20th Anniversary.

  • NJ SHARES' Cool Down for Warmth Ice House Raises Funds to Help 600 New Jersey Families in Need
  • NJ SHARES service delivery network swells to 277 partners assisting the community with NJ SHARES programs.
  • Increased combined grant (electric and gas) to $1,400 from $1,200

In 2014, NJ SHARES learns:

  • Recipients need a longer time to recover from their temporary financial crisis and
  • Struggling households were living without utility service in the warmer months because they couldn't catch up from their heating bills due to the significantly colder and snowier winter.

In the same year, NJ SHARES responds to these needs by:

  • Increasing the combined grant (electric and natural gas) to $1,200 from $1,000 and
  • Instituting an Emergency Assistance Program to expedite assistance to households without utility services and increased electric service grants $500.

In 2013, NJ SHARES turns 15 years old.

In 2012, NJ SHARES helps 175,000th household with an energy grant. Since 1998 NJ SHARES has connected 175,000 households with $70 Million in life-sustaining energy assistance.

In 2011, NJ SHARES surpasses 270 service delivery partners.

In 2010, NJ SHARES' Telephone and United Water Assistance Programs celebrate 5 year milestones. NJ SHARES also celebrates first year of administering New Jersey American Water's H2O Help to Others customer assistance program and the Department of Community Affairs call center.

In 2009,

  • The National Fuel Fund Network recognized NJ SHARES as the Fuel Fund of the year for innovative solutions and groundbreaking partnerships that resulted in 20,000 households receiving help.
  • NJ SHARES becomes administrator of NJ American Water H2O Help to Others customer assistance program
  • NJ SHARES service delivery network swells to 240 partners assisting the community with NJ SHARES programs.

In 2007, NJ SHARES celebrated 10 years and received a Proclamation and Joint Resolution from the Governor and the joint legislature.

In the same year,

  • NJ SHARES' service delivery network expands to more than 150 partners.
  • NJ SHARES partnered with the Fuel Merchants and Propane Gas association, making deliverable fuel assistance possible to qualified NJ SHARES recipients.
  • Partnered with the Department of Community Affairs to operate a call center to answer a wide-range of energy assistance questions throughout the state.
  • Established and Agency Advisory Committee to represent the agency network.

In 2006,

  • For a historic second time, NJ SHARES was awarded the Fuel Fund of the year award. No fuel fund had been honored more than once by the National Fuel Fund Network.
  • NJ SHARES surpassed 100 partners in its service delivery network.

In 2005, NJ SHARES awarded its 100,000 energy assistance grant. Also that year, partnerships with United Water and Verizon NJ made water and telephone assistance possible.

In 2004, NJ SHARES launched an innovative and efficient web-based application portal.

In 2003, NJ SHARES turns 5 years old and partners with 50th community organization to take applications for NJ SHARES programs.

In 2002, NJ SHARES was recognized as the Fuel Fund of the Year by the National Fuel Fund Network. This award celebrates innovation by an energy assistance organization.

In 1998, established by New Jersey's leading energy companies and non-profit organizations to assist our New Jersey neighbors who have fallen behind on their energy bills due to a temporary financial crisis, NJ SHARES awarded its first energy assistance grants.

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